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Quantities executed and handled in the current financial year till date (for nine months) at various project sites.
Earthwork in Excavation & Backfilling: 250000 Cu. Mt.
Laying of Reinforced Cement Concrete: 70000 Cu. Mt
Reinforcement Steel Works: 10000 MT
Centering and Formwork: 280000 Sq. Mt.
Structural Steel Works: 1100 Mt.
Plant Piping / Mechanical Works: 461328 Inch Meter
It is worth to mention that we have excuted the following quantities for the projects executed.

Name of work : Civil works for JERP Refinery, Jamnagar.

  Client : M/s Reliance Petroleum Limited, Jamnagar.
  Period : 06/06/06 to 31/03/09
Excavation in soil: 124777 Cum
Excavation in Hard Rock: 74335 Cum
Backfilling: 87863 MT
Carting: 79323 Cum
Concrete (PCC & RCC): 86959 Cum
Reinforcement Steel: 8381 MT
Form work: 184117 Sqm
Structural Steel: 619 MT
Field weld size>2”
& thk upto 19 mm
49904 ID
Piping work incl. welding & erection
Above FGL,size >2” to 30” & thk. upto 19mm:
461328 IM
Pipe Support Fabrication: 220 MT
Pipe Support Erection: 295 MT
Manhole Area – 2.51–3.0Sqm – Ht. upto 4.75m : 225 Nos.
Manhole Area – 3.00–3.5Sqm – Ht. upto 4.75m : 18 Nos.
Manhole Area – 3.51–4.0Sqm – Ht. upto 4.75m : 10 Nos.
Interceptor Chamber area upto 6.0 Sqm–Ht upto 2.50m 9 Nos.
We are capable of executing all intricate civil construction jobs and are able to handle huge volumes of the civil construction activities in a calendar year limiting upto  :
Earthwork in Excavation & Backfilling: 500000 Cum
Excavation in Hard Rock:
(Using Rock Breakers / Blasting)
250000 Cum
RCC upto an elevation of 40 mts.: 200000 Cum
Reinforcement Steel Works: 50000 MT
Centering and Formwork: 600000 Sq. Mt
Structural Steel Works: 10000 MT
Plant Piping / Mechanical Works: 1000000 Inch Meter
Orbit has specialized ability in construction of multistoreyed industrial buildings such as blast proof plant interface buildings in petrochemical projects.

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