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The comparison of conventional method and vibrated vertical casting method which adopted by M/s. Orbit Infrastructure Industries, Vadodara is given hereunder:
No Particulars Conventional Method Vibrated Vertical Casting Method
1 Manufacturing Horizontal Casting Vibrated Vertical Casting Process.
2 Size One size only at one time. Three different sizes or products at one time.
3 Slump & Strength This is wet cast process. Workability is preferred over strength by workers because of obvious reasons. This is Dry cast process. Zero slump concrete is used. Hence, it ensures maximum strength due to extremely low water cement ratio.
4 Vibration No Vibration at all. Multi amplitude, multi directional vibration under pressure.
5 Curing Conventional curing system requires 14-28 days submergence of pipes in water. Steam Curing – concrete achieves 80% to 90% strength within 48 hours.
6 Production Very low rate of production. 25-40 pipes per shift per dia of 3 different stations. Quad forms and Duo forms are also available for smaller diameter.
7 Operating System Totally manually operated and Dependant on skilled / unskilled manpower, hence very slow. Very fast. Machine is highly sensitive and requires the involvement of high skilled operator and ensures very high quality of the product because of the accuracy of the automated digital system of the machine.
8 Pipe Joints Quality of Joints remains always comparatively poorer. Much better joints to ensure complete water tightness.
9 Features Comparatively poor strength less durability of the product. Highly strong and durable pipes with smooth neat finish inside the pipe.

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